Aboriginal Cultural Heritage

Keeps Us Strong

Aboriginal Cultural Heritage refers to the knowledge and lore, practices and people, objects and places that are valued, culturally meaningful and connected to identity and Country.

Aboriginal Cultural Heritage shapes identity and is a lived spirituality fundamental to the wellbeing of communities through connectedness across generations.

Aboriginal Cultural Heritage has been passed from the Ancestors to future generations through today’s Traditional Owners whose responsibilities are profound and lifelong.

As a Council of Traditional Owners, we are proud of the Aboriginal Cultures of Victoria. We are committed to strengthening the knowledge held by Aboriginal People across Victoria. Cultural Heritage is our inheritance and our legacy.

“Our Cultural Heritage is best understood through demonstrating respect for Traditional Owners – our knowledge, our skills, our appreciation of our heritage. The practicing of our Culture and traditions makes us stronger and this strength offers all Victorians opportunities to value, understand and celebrate the unique Cultural Heritage we care for on behalf of all of us.”

Council’s Responsibilities

When people are proud of their Culture, they protect it. Pride grows through a strong connection to Culture.

We will support Traditional Owners to share knowledge across Country and generations. Cultural connectedness is essential for thriving communities. We will support Aboriginal People to understand their Culture and identity more deeply.

The Aboriginal Heritage Act 2006 ensures that Aboriginal Cultural Heritage is protected. Council facilitates this through several core responsibilities relating to:

“The protection of Victoria’s Aboriginal Cultural Heritage is of paramount importance to the Victorian community.”

Council member 2013-2019