Victoria's Registered Aboriginal Parties

Registered Aboriginal Parties are Traditional Owner groups, legally recognised under the Aboriginal Heritage Act. They're responsible for managing and protecting Aboriginal cultural heritage for a particular area.

The Victorian Aboriginal Heritage Act 2006 recognises Registered Aboriginal Parties (RAP) as the primary guardians, keepers and knowledge holders of Aboriginal cultural heritage.

As an independent statutory body, we make decisions on who can become a RAP in Victoria.

Role of RAPs

RAPs are the primary source of advice and knowledge on matters relating to Aboriginal places or Aboriginal objects in their region. Their core functions include:

  • evaluating Cultural Heritage Management Plans
  • assessing Cultural Heritage Permit applications
  • making decisions about Cultural Heritage Agreements
  • providing advice on applications for interim or ongoing Protection Declarations
  • entering into Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Land Management Agreements with public land managers
  • nominating Aboriginal intangible heritage to the Victorian Aboriginal Heritage Register and managing intangible heritage agreements

Reviewed 18 December 2019

Aboriginal Heritage Council

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