Conditions on registrations

The Victorian Aboriginal Heritage Council has the statutory function of managing, overseeing, and supervising the operations of Registered Aboriginal Parties (RAPs). This supervisory function operates to ensure that RAPs discharge their statutory functions and responsibilities relating to Aboriginal cultural heritage management in a proper manner.

To assist Council in carrying out this function, the Aboriginal Heritage Act 2006 empowers Council to impose conditions on the registration of a RAP. In utilising this power, Council’s primary consideration is upholding the Act’s overarching purpose to empower Traditional Owners as protectors of their cultural heritage.

As RAPs are the central vehicle to bring about this empowerment, the imposition of any conditions on the registration of a RAP are designed to ensure that RAPs function in an efficient and self-determining manner. 

Condition on FPMMAC’s RAP Registration


VAHC Reasons for Decision - Condition on registration - FPMMAC - 15 Feb 2024
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