Strategic plans for the Victorian Aboriginal Heritage Council

Council’s strategic plans guide its work to ensure Traditional Owner led management, protection, education and enjoyment of Aboriginal cultural heritage for the benefit of all Victorians.

Council will deliver the 5 objectives as part of their current Strategic Plan.

  1. Aboriginal people have strengthened pride and knowledge in our cultural heritage.
  2. The Victorian community has a deeper understanding of Aboriginal Cultural Heritage.
  3. Council has control over its operations.
  4. Strengthened coverage, capacity and sustainability of RAPs.
  5. Increased Council capacity and successful transition to new responsibilities.

2017 to 2021

Victorian Aboriginal Heritage Council Strategic Plan 2017-2021 (HTML)

Previous strategic plans

2014 to 2019

2011 to 2014

2008 to 2011

Reviewed 12 June 2019

Aboriginal Heritage Council

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