State of Victoria's Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Report


“liwik nugal-nganjin marram-nganjin dadbagi-k
dudandun nugal-nganjin marram-nganjin dadbagi-k
biik nugal-nganjin marram-nganjin dadbagi-k yumaa-djerri-ngat.”1

From this place of respect, we have a responsibility to bring others in and to share our Culture, without relinquishing control and connection. We do this by talking about our responsibilities as Traditional Owners - to Country, Culture and Community. In listening to and respectfully supporting Traditional Owners, we can all benefit from the oldest living Cultures on earth.

This report establishes a benchmark for where we are now and where we want to be. It enables everyone to critically assess how they engage with Aboriginal Cultural Heritage in Victoria, how they can be better informed and how we can all better support Traditional Owners to control and manage their Cultural Heritage. We do this together,

“ngalu bappak mana dardee loong wurk work bramung-ma.” 2