Process upon receipt of request for variation

Section 155 Requests for Variations of Registration Policy and Procedures.

Once a request for variation is received, the following process will be enacted prior to the Council’s consideration of the variation.

Public notice of request for variation of registration

After receiving a request for variation of registration, the Office of the Victorian Aboriginal Heritage Council will contact known interested parties and will issue a public notice of the application on the VAHC website and in major regional papers within the relevant application area.

This reflects Council’s commitment to an open transparent process and ensures all interested parties have opportunity to comment on the request for variation.

Public comment period

Council will generally allow for 30 business days for public comment from the date the public notice appears in the abovementioned media.

To ensure procedural fairness the RAP requesting the variation will be notified of any public comment received by the OVAHC and of information received which contradicts or is otherwise detrimental to the party requesting the variation or the claims presented in the request for variation.

The RAP requesting the variation will then have an opportunity to provide the Council with their response to these comments.

Once appropriate, Council will consider the relevant comments.

Making changes to the boundary variation during the public comment period

Council may decide it necessary to complete a second public notice process if changes to the original boundary variation are substantial.