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Martang Pty Ltd

Registration history for Martang Pty Ltd.

Application received

  • 9 March 2007

Council decisions

  • Registered on: 14 September 2007
  • Appointed for part of its application area on 13 September 2007
  • Declined for part of its application area on 2 February 2012

Revocation of registration

  • Under section 156(2)(a) of the Aboriginal Heritage Act 2006, registration was revoked on 1 August 2019.

Former Registered Aboriginal Party boundaries

Map of Martang Pty Ltd which covers parts of Ararat and Moyne
Martang Pty Ltd covers areas of Ararat and Moyne

Download a map showing the former boundaries for Martang Pty Ltd:

Council decisions regarding Martang

Reviewed 26 November 2019

Aboriginal Heritage Council

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