Requests for variation of registered boundaries

Part 1 - Section 155 Requests for Variations of Registration Policy and Procedures.

Changing RAP boundaries after registration by s 155 application

Variations may be made to extend or retract existing boundaries but cannot be made to include Country which does not connect to an existing RAP area.

Request for boundary variation must include

A request made under section 155 for variation to a RAP’s boundaries must be made in writing and include:

The party’s name address and other contact details;

A description of the area in respect of which the application for variation is made, including details, in the form of a map or written description of the boundaries of that area;

A statement from the applicant outlining the nature of -

The traditional links of the applicant to the variation application area;

The representativeness of the applicant for Traditional Owners with interest in the application area; and

The applicant’s capacity to undertake statutory functions in the variation application area.