Community understanding of our Cultural Heritage

parruk werkitya

In the Wamba Wemba language, this means:

"The community working together."

We inherit our Cultural Heritage from our Old People, a living Culture extending thousands of generations. Whilst destruction, salvage and denial of this ownership of Countries and Cultures continues, it is essential that Council works to promote Traditional Owner responsibilities in the diverse Victorian community.

Council has both a cultural and statutory responsibility to promote public understanding of Cultural Heritage. It is through education, communication and understanding that appreciation and respect are born. Whilst the rights of Traditional Owners to control their Cultural Heritage continues to be questioned and not be respected, it is essential that Council pursues this work on behalf of all Victorians.

Strategic Actions

Influencing education through

engagement projects with primary and secondary school curriculums

Contributing knowledge in

  • public forums, conferences and events
  • Traditional Owner media representation

Making change through

legislative reform and awareness-raising programs

"When all in our communities live their respect for the inherited responsibilities of Traditional Owners and are proud of their own contribution to caring for Country and the cultural wellbeing of Our People, then we will be able to walk together towards reconciliation. But only then."

Victorian Aboriginal Heritage Council
February 2021