Our Peoples’ managing their Cultural Heritage

ngalu bappak mana dardee loong wurk work bramung-ma

From the Gunaikurnai language, this means:

"Together our heart is strong, like the sap in the wattle tree that keeps the tree growing, it makes it strong, keeps it alive. It represents the heart, mind and soul of the people to be strong in their culture. Loong wurk wurk bramungma represents the many relationship of family who belong to their lands."

The wellbeing of our Communities is grounded in lived spirituality, shared Culture and connection to Country. Supporting Traditional Owners to live their Culture in themselves, through their children and on their Country is a fundamental pathway to realising Council’s vision of a proud and well Peoples.

When people are proud of their Culture, they share it. Pride grows through cultural connectedness and this objective strengthens Council’s commitment to supporting Traditional Owners to deepen, celebrate and share their connection to Culture.

Strategic Actions

Sharing Cultures through
  • intergenerational engagement
  • cultural capacity building and employment
  • local, state, national and international discourse

Supporting projects that

  • protect and celebrate Cultures through the Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Fund
  • promote the rights and responsibilities of Traditional Owners

Strengthening language through

  • enabling Traditional Owners to manage language use
  • place naming embedding language in the landscape


"We are an old Peoples, living old Cultures in an old environment. To be well, to thrive and to share our Cultures, we must first support our People."

Victorian Aboriginal Heritage Council
February 2021