'Returning our Ancestors' Premiere Friday 20 August

Join us at a livestreamed launch of this landmark documentary film.

Friday, 13 August 2021 at 12:43 am

About the film

As part of the process of colonisation, Aboriginal peoples’ burial places were desecrated in the name of curiosity, science and research.

Aboriginal Ancestors were stolen from their land where they had been placed with care and ceremony, to be housed in metal boxes as specimens or ornaments of curiosity by individuals, families and institutions.

The 1980's saw Aboriginal Ancestors start to return to rest on Country. But the journey is by no means complete and there are many more of our Ancestors still to come home. We can all walk together and help in this essential work.

Returning our Ancestors is a documentary, sharing some of this difficult but healing journey. The film was made by the Victorian Aboriginal Heritage Council, with the contribution of stories from Victorian Traditional Owners and others.

Returning our Ancestors shows us what we can do as a Victorian community to work together for the rightful and respectful return and protection of Aboriginal Ancestors, now and into the future.

Attend the Premiere

To join the live stream premiere of the film at 6:30pm on Friday 20 August 2021, click on the live streaming link and fill in your details. 

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So that we can provide an uncompromised web viewing experience, attendance at the livestream premiere is limited.

If you are unable to register, it means that we have reached the livestream capacity. However, the film will be available for free through our website from Saturday 21 August 2021.