RAP Code of Conduct and Heritage Advisor Professional Conduct Guidelines

Council was called upon to publish Guidelines to help those working with the development of Cultural Heritage Management Plans and more broadly with Aboriginal Cultural Heritage

Monday, 15 February 2021 at 10:14 pm
Department of Premier and Cabinet

Council’s Legislative Review and Regulatory Functions Committee has overseen the development of the two important Guidelines, rigorously reviewed and contributed to by those working with Aboriginal Cultural Heritage and the development of CHMPs:

The Guidelines have been developed to be as much for sponsors, government agencies, and other stakeholders, as they are for the RAPs and Heritage Advisors themselves.

Council’s aim in publishing the Guidelines is to clarify and codify the role of:

  • RAPs and the standards of work and conduct that should be aspired to
  • Heritage Advisors and the standards of work and conduct that meet the expectations of Victorian Traditional Owners.

Further Information


These Guidelines are made pursuant to Council’s powers under 132(2)(ck) of the Aboriginal Heritage Act (2006).