Working with a Registered Aboriginal Party under Special Administration

When a Registered Aboriginal Party is under Special Administration, you need to contact Aboriginal Victoria for heritage management plans, permits and agreements.

Registered Aboriginal Parties (RAP) can enter Special Administration until their financial and organisation health is restored.

While a RAP is under Special Administration, a Registrar of Indigenous Corporations will appoint an Independent Administrator to oversee and take control of the running of the organisation. Once this is completed, management will be handed back to its members.

Completing works in an area under Special Administration

If you need to complete any works within the area of responsibility of the RAP that is subject to special administration, you still need to contact the Traditional Owners of the land.

Assessing plans, permits and agreements

When a RAP is under Special Administration, they can no longer complete the following tasks under the Aboriginal Heritage Act 2006:

  • Cultural Heritage Management Plans
  • Cultural Heritage Permits
  • Cultural Heritage Agreements
  • Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Land Management Agreements

Even if the RAP is not functioning, all Traditional Owners of the region still keep their rights in speaking for their country.

Fees and penalties

Visit Aboriginal Victoria for fees and penalties to assess Cultural Heritage Management Plans.

For advice about plans, permits or agreements, please contact Aboriginal Victoria:

Contact the Victorian Aboriginal Heritage Council

Reviewed 21 January 2020

Aboriginal Heritage Council

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